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Originally founded in 2016 by Cody Dedon, Flashbang Productions soon grew and needed a larger business structure. So in 2019 Cody chose to partner with his sister Michal and go big.

Two sides of the same coin, that's what Cody and Michal are. Entrepreneurs often find that they are good at their craft but poor at running a business, so when they realized that pairing Cody's love of filmmaking and Michal's business prowess could change everything, a partnership was born.

It truly goes to show that when people have the opportunity to do what they love with the people they love, great things can happen. Cody now gets to immerse himself deep in the world of film, cinematography, writing, & acting without the interruption of pesky paperwork because Michal thrives under endless piles of it.

Their partnership made it possible for them to focus on their strengths, allowing them to create excellent, highly technical products while giving their clients the attention and customer service they deserve!


DSC07033 - Flashbang Portraits_14.jpg
Cody Dedon

Director & Co-owner

DSC06844 - Flashbang Portraits_14-Edit.jpg
Michal Bishop

Producer & Co-owner

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DSC06938 - Flashbang Portraits_14.jpg
Josiah Beck


DSC06710 - Flashbang Portraits_14.jpg
Bryant Bishop

Audio Engineer & Licensed Drone Pilot

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DSC06923 - Flashbang Portraits_14.jpg
Jackson Pierce

Production Assistant

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Portrait with Christmas Tree
Darrell Freeman

The Intern

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