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Josiah Beck

Meet Josiah, a photographer hailing from Baton Rouge, LA. He discovered his love of photography early in high school, which he cultivated over the course of a BFA in Photography at Baylor University in his hometown of Waco, TX. 

Before working for Flashbang, he worked as a fine art photographer, a photojournalist, and a school photographer.

Josiah Beck (a.k.a. Tripod)

His goal is to tell a story with each image he captures. Some of his favorite projects have been narrative works that invite the viewer to feel and discover the story within each photograph.

JDB_2_November 17, 2016
JDB__September 25, 2016
JDB__September 04, 2016
JDB__November 15, 2016
JDB__October 30, 2016
JDB__October 22, 2016

When he is not taking or editing photographs, he dabbles in folk music on the concertina or can be found at his workstation painting miniatures for his favorite games. 

Ren Fest Selfie w/Boss
Alvarez Construction Production Selfie

 His coworkers, family, and friends particularly love his unique selfie-taking skills (so while he doesn't use them on the job, they are highly sought after in social settings).

Need specialty photography? Call us, we've obviously got the guy!

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